How does the Room Escape Work?

EPIC ESCAPE is a live game that utilizes puzzles. riddles and codes hidden throughout the room to aid in you finding the key to escape the room. You and your team will be required to think strategically and creatively to solve the game and escape the room.


Epic Escape is filled with intensity, intrigue and mystery. but is not set up to scare the players.  Unless expressly noted in the Room Description, there are no scare or surprise tactics used in our rooms.  

Where/How Do we Book?

On the website, click on  BOOK HERE.  Scroll down to the calendar that is embedded into the page and click on the date, time that you would like to book.  From there, you should be prompted to enter your information and payment details.  Still having trouble? EMAIL US and we'll make sure we get you booked!

How much is an EPIC ESCAPE booking?

Each Room Escape costs $120 per booking for ESCAPE FROM NYC and $140 for FLIGHT 7249 .  This is regardless of the number of people in your party- and payment must be made by credit in order to reserve your booking.

How many people can be in a team? 

The ideal group is between 3 and 5 people, however each room escape can be booked for up to 6 people.  The number in your team is up to you! 

What comes with my EPIC ESCAPE Booking?

Each booking includes a fifteen minute introduction to the game, 60 minutes of game-play, (2) clues to be used at the player's discretion and fifteen minutes to debrief after the game. No Need to come early- the time is added in to your booking spot! 

Do we need to arrive early to our booking?

Nope! Each time slot includes ample time for the introduction, game play and debrief after.  Come for your scheduled time and you'll be set! We actually ask that you do not come early- as we may still be setting up from the last group! 

When/How do we use the (2) clues given to us in our booking?

To use a clue, simply ring the doorbell located next to the door in the room.  One of our EPIC ESCAPE team members will enter the room and give you a clue.  Our room facilitators assess where you are in the game and give the clue based upon your progress- we do not have standard clues, as each group is different and we'd prefer to help nudge you along than just give you the answer!  

What happens if we don't get out of the room in 60 Minutes?

EPIC ESCAPE is designed to be challenging- so this is a real possibility! Once 60 minutes is up, an EPIC ESCAPE team member will open the door and will begin your debrief session- allowing you to go over how you did in the game as well as learn the rest of the clues (should the players want to know!)  Should you want to try again, we'll keep the remaining clues a secret!

What happens if we are late to our booking?

We ask that all parties arrive on time to their booking.  We also understand that things come up.  If you find yourself running late to your booking, the time will be taken out of the introduction and/or debrief sessions.  If there is a booking after you and you are more than 30 minutes late, we will have no choice but to cancel your booking without refund.  

Is EPIC ESCAPE suitable for children?

Absolutely! We've had several cases where it was the children in the group who kept leading the adults through the game! With that being said, we do require each group have at least one adult (16+) as certain questions may be more difficult.  

Who should play EPIC ESCAPE?

EPIC ESCAPE is great experience for all ages- from children to grandparents and everyone in between.  We have had families, birthday parties, date nights, stags, bachelor parties, Corporate Challenges, University Groups, Holiday Parties, people joining us before heading to the bars and groups joining us after Church/Brunch on Sundays.  Regardless of your profession, age, or set of interests, EPIC ESCAPE is sure to make you think in a new and challenging way while having a lot of fun.

I am looking to host a corporate event / private event with you, how do I get this started? 

We love putting a great event together.  EMAIL US with your name, contact info, size of party and desired date of booking, and we'll be more than happy to get the ball rolling!

I was hoping to book a Room Escape with you on a certain day, but you aren't open.

So, this isn't a question- but it's something that happens from time to time. As long as we have availability, we're happy to open our doors during non-business hours for a surcharge.  Email us and we'll go from there! 

I have a question that hasn't been answered here.  How can I get assistance?

Send us an email with your question and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!